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How Important Is Your Health?

Are you confused and annoyed by all the noise around the topic of health?

Have you tried many things to get healthier and they've turned out to be a waste of time, money or flat out didn't work?

Have you started and stopped again and again because the techniques or advice were either too complicated or just not sustainable?

I KNOW! It's SO annoying!

What if I told you that you could buy one item...easily install it one time and use it every day for 10 seconds a few times a day and you would become healthier in weeks!!

No exercise

No changes to what you eat

No complicated technology

No side effects

No additional investment of your valuable time

You've probably heard nutrition and wellness experts talk about the value of drinking 8 glasses of water every day right? Well, for most people that's pretty good advice and depending on your age, health and activity level, it's probably great advice for you too.

The problem is today we don't even know what's in the water that comes out of our own taps!!

Depending on where you live, drinking water direct from your own faucet might even be dangerous!

And if you buy the filters or bottled water from the store, you need to constantly replace and replenish and most grocery store filters don't do a very good job of removing many of the harmful toxins that can be in your water supply.

So what do you do?

What is the solution?

It's Called Alkaline Water And Now You Can Make Your Water Alkaline Easily

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Alkaline Water?

  • Alkaline water is a great source of minerals like sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium. If you suffer from a mineral deficiency, you can experience weight problems, high blood pressure, heart disease, weak bones and kidney stones.
  • Alkaline water helps fight Cancer. An alkaline environment makes it difficult for cancer cells to grow. It may stop the growth of cancer cells or slow the speed of growth.
  • Alkaline water helps to lose weight by balancing the pH level of the body. When your body lacks hydration, the pH balance gets disturbed. Alkaline water helps by providing enough hydration.
  • Alkaline water boosts your immune system. It helps to neutralize the body and removes acidic toxins from your cells.
  • Alkaline water acts as a powerful antioxidant. It plays the role of an antioxidant by protecting your body from the free radicals which can cause a variety of health problems. Free radicals damage the immune system which can lead to infection and disease.
  • Alkaline water is effective in promoting nerve health also. When your body gets dehydrated, your brain loses energy and the nervous system is impacted. The magnesium contained in alkaline water contributes to improving nerve health.
  • Alkaline water can help reduce the symptoms of psoriasis by neutralizing acidic toxic residue in your body's cells.
  • Alkaline water is one of the best ways to maintain good circulation. You can promote efficient blood circulation by consuming Alkaline water.
  • Alkaline water can play a positive role in promoting muscle relaxation and muscle contraction. Magnesium helps to maintain muscular health and reducing musclar pain and chronic fatigue.
  • The list goes on...drinking Alkaline water is LIFE CHANGING!

Let's see what some of our customers say

about our "Alkalizer" product

“I had a quadruple bypass and my doctor said my arteries were 70% clogged again. He wanted to operate. My friend told me about alkaline water so I decided to begin drinking it daily. In ten weeks my arteries were completely cleaned out. The doctor was shocked. I continue to drink this water to stay healthy”.


“I started drinking this water and was amazed at the results I had and results in my patients. Premature aging and degeneration are the uncontrolled activity of free radicals in the body, chronic dehydration and chronic cellular acidity. Drinking this water made all the difference with so many health conditions in my patients….back pain reduced or gone, weight loss, arteries cleared out, gout gone, reduced allergies, skin problems eliminated, cleansed the body, more energy, slept better, helped indigestion and so many more. Everyone I know continues to drink this Alkalizer water.”

*Dr. Rolando

“My parents in their 80’s have had heart conditions. My mother had an angioplasty and my father has arrhythmia. My mother has noticed since starting to drink this alkaline water that she doesn’t need medication for pain any longer. My father says he has noticed that his heart seems to beat regularly now. We are all very thankful.”


“In a short time my whole family had results drinking alkaline water…my tendonitis was cleared up, my wife’s blood pressure became normal, my daughter’s acne is gone and we all have more energy now.”


“For twenty-two years I had suffered with digestive problems. When I heard about the Alkalizer water I began drinking it. There has been a dramatic change in my health conditions. Thank you for a great product!”


“I am thankful to have been introduced to the Alkalizer machine. Four days after receiving my machine my father was diagnosed with throat cancer. He began drinking this water. The doctor said he would have pain swallowing, would lose weight and become increasingly ill. My father not only survived malignant throat cancer but never endured pain and never missed a day of work. My father and I share this water with everyone.”


“Since I’ve been drinking alkaline water my digestion is better, I have lost five pounds, my joints don’t ache any longer, I don’t feel the hypoglycemia symptoms anymore and just feel better every day.”


“I used to have muscle cramps at night. Not anymore. Also my urinary problems improved almost immediately.”


“My blood pressure was normal for the first time in years at my annual physical. I have been drinking alkaline water for six months.”


“I have been drinking alkaline water for two weeks and my blood pressure is normal, I no longer have headaches, and I put the acidic water on the open sore on my arm and it is nearly healed completely. All in two weeks!”


“Just before starting to drink alkaline water my husband was on several asthma medications….some of which had bad side effects. After just three weeks of drinking alkaline water he is just using his inhalers and is sleeping better at night. The Alkalizer is the answer for us and we drink it faithfully every day.”


“I have used the Alkalizer machine for my patients since October of 1995. I have administered thousands of this restructured water for about every condition imaginable. The results have been excellent.

I rigorously tested the Alkalizer water in clinical situations. It is a benefit to everyone who drinks it. Through a detailed system of muscle testing analysis I have seen the following areas strengthened and stabilized by drinking restructured alkaline water: Chemical Poisons, Ureters, Kidney, Colon, Pancreas, Stomach, and ALKALINE/ACID IMBALANCES

As a clinical doctor I find that alkaline water assists the permeability of nutrients in all of my treatment programs.

Not having this valuable tool handicaps any practitioner. I drink it daily myself.

I believe in the alkaline water for healthy living as outlined in my book “Alkalize or Die”. Thank you alkaline water for being able to help many people with their health concerns.”

Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, N.D., D.C., PhD. Nutrition, C.N.C.

So Here’s The Solution

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