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Manuka honey is known to have amazing healing properties that have been utilized by the native Australians and New Zealanders for centuries. It’s antibiotic and free of poisonous pesticides or insecticides that are often found in American based honeys. This combination of Manuka honey, Aloe Vera and other natural ingredients has created a completely natural cream that is both smooth and long lasting.

Problems That The Miracle Bee Cream helps:


Bed Sores



Bee Sting

Athlete’s Foot



Dry Skin

Chapped Lips

Insect Bites


A Story About How Long The Bees Live:

The Queen Bee lives two to three years. The Worker Bee only lives for six to eight weeks. His job is to take the royal jelly to the Queen Bee so she can have thousands of babies.The Worker Bee cannot eat the jelly and that’s why his life is so short.

This Royal Jelly is in our Miracle Bee Cream and Super Honey and it is the main reason why it is so beneficial.

8 Ounce Container - Only $39!

Additional sizes available

4 oz $27.00

2 oz $19.00

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Rechargeable Personal Air Purifier $149

In the past few years sales of boxed green teabags have exploded, as medical studies applauding the virtues of green tea have been published in increasing numbers. What consumers frequently don’t know is what’s in the bag. Teabags are filled with leftovers from tea bins –the “dust” and fannings remaining after the higher quality leaves have been patiently sifted out. The result: Most of what you’re buying is convenience.
Unlike these low quality teas that are sold in the supermarket and some health food stores, fresh-leaf teas found in upscale teahouses are an entirely different matter. The fresh-leaf teas, as well as certain teabag teas served in the many marvelous teahouses throughout the state of Texas, are very high grade and many of them are interestingly exotic. I myself drink and enjoy a variety of artisan whole leaf teas, like white peony, puer, oolong, dragon well, match teas, and occasionally a wrapped display tea. I enjoy them for the taste and the aroma, and I often add a dropperful of my Chi Tea, which adds some sweetness from the Lohan Quo which is a natural sweetner. It also is a powerful polyphenol punch to your cup of tea. Chi Tea provides the equivalent of 10-12 cups of tea for every 30-drop portion splashed into the hot water in your teacup. Thanks to its Lohan Quo, Chi Tea is also delicious on its own.
Scores of epidemiological and clinical studies of Japan and China have concluded that to get the optimum antioxidant immune system boost green tea can provide, you’d need to drink 15-20 cups a day. With concentrated Chi, two cups does it all. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is never about one herb but rather a combination of herbs working synergistically. For that reason we have fortified Chi Tea’s Green Tea with concentrated extracts of Goji Berry, Lohan Quo and Astragslus to ensure the maximum potency possible.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires that imported green tea leaves be sprayed with pesticides before entering the U.S. Not so with organic and decaffeinated Chi Tea Green Tea. Chi Tea is raised organically on Asian hillsides. Each tender young leaf is harvested as tea has been for centuries: handpicked the old –fashioned way!
Chi leaves are quickly steamed on site to prevent degradation by oxidation, rolled to squeeze juices to the surface, and then dried, before going through a water extraction process without the use of alcohol or chemical solvents. The pure polyphenols-rich liquid is shipped to the U.S. in sealed vats and then bottled in a laboratory in Boston thereby avoiding the Agriculture Department’s not-exactly-desirable pesticide additive. Chi Tea is a super anti-oxidant and a pure and potent natural herbal elixir.

Ultimate Green Tea - Concentrated Liquid Extract

Caffeine Free

Alcohol Free

Sugar Free


Free of Herbicides, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Fluoride and Artificial Sweeteners.


Highest Polyphenols and EGCG.

Fortified with Goji and Astragalus

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